Discover The Body-Swing Connection

2-Day Golf Experience

Day 1 - The Analysis

During your first session, we will take a close look at your health and performance. We will perform a 15 point golf physical designed by Titleist that will lead us into a full medical physical, giving us a complete and accurate picture of your overall health.

After your screening. We will talk about your golf performance goals, as well as anything that may be holding you back.

Using advanced K-Vest 3D biometric technology, we will record your golf swing on our top-tier simulator. This allows us to capture the equivalent of an MRI-imaging of your golf swing!
Using both K-Vest results and the data from your physical examination, we will objectively measure the efficiency of your swing and identify opportunities for improvement.

Day 2 - The Strategy

The second session is all about analysis and action. After a week, you will return to receive a comprehensive breakdown of the findings from Day 1. Our team will present you with a Body-Swing Connection analysis, showing you how your physical health and body itself is affecting your golf swing.

After we have identified your dysfunctional or inhibiting patterns, we will give you a 3-4 stage treatment plan that is designed to improve mobility, speed and power thus enhancing your performance on the course. This treatment plan could include chiropractic care, physical therapy, neuromuscular re-education, massage therapy coupled with our TPI-certified golf speed and power training.

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